SWTOR Frontline Brigade

War wages on the frontlines, where the Imperial and Republic armies fight for domination over the Outer Rim.
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 Welcome to the Front Line

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Welcome to the Front Line Empty
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The galaxy is at war.

Battles are fought and won throughout planets and star systems, all in the name of conquest and, ultimately, complete victory for either the Empire or the Republic. Both sides believe they are the rightful rulers of the galaxy, and both will stop at nothing until the other is no more. It is a struggle that takes years and countless lives, a struggle that, at this time, has little hope of being resolved.

Far from the heart of the conflict two factions wage their own part of the war. Lead by Darth Sauranis, the Frontline Brigade makes their mark on the Outer Rim, fighting heated battles and carefully negotiating for control of the planets within. Opposed by a faction from the Republic led by Jedi Knight Ellbert, they must use all means necessary to achieve their goal while the Republic does the same.

These are the stories of the brave and sinister members of both factions.
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Welcome to the Front Line
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