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War wages on the frontlines, where the Imperial and Republic armies fight for domination over the Outer Rim.
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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptyMon Apr 04, 2016 8:31 pm

Please take a moment to read through this small list of rules before posting! Doing so will ensure we all have a fun and friendly time here.

Forum Rules
User Name: Please make your user name your character's name. This will help everyone keep track of who is who and make searching for users very simple.

Respect: Respect each and every member. No criticizing, shaming, or hurtful comments regarding a user or characters race, gender, sexual identity, etc will be tolerated. Any violation of this rule will result in a ban from the forum.

PG 13: All content should be at a PG 13 level. There will be no explicit sexual encounters, explicit abuse, rape, or underage romances. Please keep profanity to a tasteful and acceptable level (a few times a post is ok). Any violation of this rule will result in a ban from the forum

Role Play Rules
Continuity: This is a Star Wars: The Old Republic based forum. Please keep your role playing set in that universe and adhere to the rules and constructs it has defined. This means you must pay attention to the conflicts between factions and ruling systems. For example if you are playing an Imperial character you cannot travel to Coruscant without repercussions. You can still set an RP there, but keep in mind your character will be in danger and unable to move about freely. This applies to all faction ruled planets. It also means understanding cultures and lore and doing your best to stay true to the universe. Please refer to wookiepedia for a great resource on Star Wars lore.

Style: Write as much or as little as you like, all levels of writing and RP experience are welcome. Please keep in mind more detail is appreciated, and small paragraphs help to keep the scene going. Do your best to make your writing and post understandable and clear.

Actions: Do not take other character's actions for them. You may write your own actions directed towards another character but is their right to act on it and not yours. Allow a break for them to be able to respond and react.

God/Reverse God Modding: No god modding or reverse god modding will be tolerated. No character should be able to take any action they want without limitations, or have supreme power. Conversely, no character should be so incapable of acting that they cannot function, or continually have nothing but terrible things happen to them. No one character is the center of the universe and everyone should be on a more or less equal playing field.  

Cannon Characters: Please refrain from using any cannon characters in your posts. This eliminates any arguments over cannon character behaviors or claims on cannon characters. If you simply have to use one for plot purposes you can message one of the admins and tell us why in detail, and we will decide together if it is appropriate. Otherwise feel free to come up with more original characters to fill the role you need!

If you have any questions at all concerning these rules or the forum in general please feel free to contact admins Calcariidae, Sauranis, or Farayn Zal.
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Forum Rules
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