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War wages on the frontlines, where the Imperial and Republic armies fight for domination over the Outer Rim.
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Cal tried to avoid Intelligence headquarters as much as he could. Every time he stepped inside the starkly lit, pristine halls it felt like a leash was tightened around his neck. Given the choice, he would never have been part of the organization to begin with. In truth, he had been given a choice, but between working for Intelligence or spending the the rest of his life in some dark and damp prison cell on Belsavis, he had chosen the option that gave him at least some form of freedom.

Freedom which he abused. Cal was certain his handlers had assumed as much would happen, and he was lucky enough to be given missions that took him far from Dromound Kaas. It was a rare occurrence that he was back here, and each time he hurried through the dull routine and procedures so he could leave all the sooner. Today was no exception as he strolled through the corridors, datapad in hand.

He was to report to his main handler, Watcher Eight, and deliver a mission report. Usually he sent off his reports through the holonet and never even had to leave his ship, but this mission was different. It was complicated, and messy, and Intelligence wanted to be sure there was no chance his report would be interrupted by the Republic. So he was here, eager to be gone and away from the stern eyes of his superiors and whatever sticks they had up their asses.

When he reached Watcher Eight's office he saw her assistant, Ila, sitting behind the desk.

“Good morning,” Cal said, walking up to the desk and leaning on it. Ila was a lovely girl – a human who had to be no older than twenty, the blush of youth still strong on her cheeks. She was new to Intelligence, and Cal had only met her a handful of times. He could know her better if he wanted; she looked easy to charm. A few of the right words at the right time and she would be back on his ship, willing to show just how much she enjoyed working for Intelligence. Cal debated over it as she looked up from her work. No, he thought, it would only prolong his time on Droumand Kaas, and he had better things to do.

“Agent Calcariidae,” Ila beamed, and Cal watched her eyes flick over him before settling on his face. “We were expecting you sooner.” Her smile fell, and she shuffled some of the paper on the desk. You should have been here yesterday, is what she meant.

Cal leaned closer on the desk, and gave his best impression of an apologetic expression. “I had a few maintenance issues with my ship. I got here as quick as a I could.” A lie. He had taken his sweet time getting here, and would doubtless do so every time he was recalled to headquarters.

“Well, I'm sorry but Watcher Eight is out right now. You'll have to take your report to Watcher Six.”

Cal smiled at the girl, but inwardly he sighed. More running around, more tugs at the leash he was kept on. It was enough to drive him crazy.

“Of course,” he said, straightening up. “Could you tell me where their office is?”

After getting directions to the opposite side the building, Cal left Ila with her paperwork and headed towards his new destination. The door to Watcher Six's office was shut, so he knocked twice and waited to be let in.
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