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War wages on the frontlines, where the Imperial and Republic armies fight for domination over the Outer Rim.
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PostSubject: Anashaan   Anashaan EmptyThu Apr 21, 2016 7:22 pm

"There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others."

Anashaan | Togruta | Jedi Consular

❧general information

AGE 24

CHOICE WEAPON Lightsaber, golden color crystal, focus


FAMILY Mother: Zhola. Father: Orodi


LOVES Fashion,

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PostSubject: Re: Anashaan   Anashaan EmptyMon Nov 26, 2018 9:39 pm


Ana looked up at the sound of her name, knowing to look anywhere else would appear weak. Master Enebron stood before and slightly above her on a raised dais, his mouth a thin line as he glanced down at her. Ana made sure to stare back, head raised high.

“Innocent lives were put in danger because of your indiscretion,” he started, and instead of feeling guilt and remorse as the small council of jedi around her intended her to, Ana felt the slow burn of anger.

“Everything worked out-”

“That is not the point,” Enebron interrupted. He shook his head, his long lekku swaying with it. There was a sorrow in the way he moved, a deep disappointment that if Ana had been any less stubborn would have had the desired effect. There was a low rumble of agreement from the seated jedi before he continued.

“When you chose to help Lieutenant Arkayeus instead of guarding the civilians like you were instructed, they were left undefended, along with the diplomat you were tasked with returning to safety. You in particular should know what it would mean to the Republic's negotiations if she had been killed.”

It was Ana's turn to shake her head. Enebron did not know what he was saying – he had not been there. She had been. She knew better than he what the situation was and had used her judgment, her sound judgement, to handle it. Ana was not going to stand idly by and be lectured for something that did not warrant it.

“But she wasn't,” she said, empathizing the words as if Enebron was not aware the diplomat was now safely in their custody. “They weren't in danger anymore, and Ark was.”

Ark, Ana thought. He was probably in a meeting just like this one, getting reprimanded for his actions in whatever way the military saw fit. She hoped she had not cost him his career. But even if she had, she had not cost him his life, and that was worth something.

She looked back to Enebron in time to see him step down from the dais and approach her. He reached out a pale hand and laid it on her arm.

“This is why the jedi do not form attachments, child. It can be difficult to see what the right choice to make is when faced with the loss of someone you care for.”
“I made the right choice,” Ana snapped. There is nothing you can say to change my mind.

Enebron sighed, and took his hand away. He shared a private look with the other jedi, during which Ana's stomach lurched. She had the feeling Enebron was about to say something worse than what she had planned for.

“Your judgment has been clouded,” he said as he turned back to her. “What may have appeared to be the right choice was not. The right choice will never endanger those we protect.”

Ana opened her mouth to protest, her words ready to bite back, when Enebron held up a stern hand.

“I am relieving you of active duty, and you are to have three sessions a week with Master Vendrik until he assures me you can keep your emotions out of your work.”

Relieved of active duty
. They were suspending her? Did the jedi even do that? The thought was ridiculous. She was too valuable, had too many negotiations of her own to handle. She couldn't just stop.

“You can't do that,” Ana started, ignoring Master Enebron's increasingly annoyed expression. “I have meetings to attend and-”

Jedi.” Enebron's voice was louder than Ana had ever heard it. She thought she saw his jaw twitch, too, as if he were clenching his teeth together. She was pushing his limit, she knew. Jedi were not supposed to fight back, not supposed to question their masters. Ana had the distinct feeling that Enebron was having trouble upholding the jedi code himself right now.

She watched as he took a breath and started again, this time managing to keep his voice even. “If you do not follow these orders you will be sent back to study on Tython indefinitely. A conflicted jedi is a danger to everyone.”

Ana took a deep breath, trying her best to stay calm. She wanted to keep speaking, to argue Enebron's decision and tell him just what a mistake he was making. Around her the other jedi watched closely, and Ana knew she had lost. Anything else she did would be held against her in their eyes.

So instead of lashing out, she brought her eyes to the floor and muttered for the first time how she had felt most of her life.

“I never asked to be a jedi.”

“But you are one, and you must live as one.” Enebron was touching her arm again, and it felt hot and wrong. “Remember, there is no emotion, there is peace.”
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PostSubject: Re: Anashaan   Anashaan EmptyMon Nov 26, 2018 9:48 pm

“Keli. Keli.” Ana stumbled on the steps leading up to their Coruscant home, losing her balance as she tried to shrug Keli's hand off her arm. “You can let go of me. I'm fine.”

It was a good thing her friend didn't listen, as Ana's stilettos slid on the stone and with the sudden loss of stability she fell forward. She mumbled a stream of curses her mother would be shocked at, rubbing her already bruising knees. Keli had kept her from hitting her head, though Ana didn't register how much worse her injuries could have been.

“Ana, you can't keep doing this.”

She looked up and saw Keli had that infuriating look of pity on her face. That one she got when she thought Ana was Having A Hard Time. Well, she wasn't. Couldn't she see that everything was just fine?

“Doing what? Having a good time? Psh. Just because you don't like to enjoy yourself doesn't mean I can't. Go jedi somewhere else ok?” Ana swung her arm out, trying to indicate all the other places Keli could go to be the good little jedi she was. The sudden movement made her head spin, though, and she had to scrunch her eyes closed and fight off a wave of nausea.

When she opened them again Keli was still standing over her.

“Just get up the stairs, please. We're almost home.”

Ana pressed out her lower lip, pouting. “I don't want to.”

“What? I don't want to- to go into my room.” She fiddled with the straps of her shoes as she spoke, tossing them angrily down the stairs they had already managed to climb. “I-I need new bed sheets! How many times do I have to wash them? I've washed them a million times already!”

Keli's expression shifted from concern to confusion. “What are you talking about?”

“They still smell like stupid Ark. I can't sleep on them anymore.” Everything still smelled like him. The sheets, the closet, the soap he left in the bathroom. She couldn't walk into her room without seeing him sitting by the window, polishing his medals, or laying on the bed, smiling for her join him. She felt like she was going crazy.

“Can I, can I stay in your room?” She asked, tears welling in her eyes.

Keli nodded, and pulled Ana back to her feet. It took them longer to reach Keli's room than it should have, and when they did Ana collapsed on the bed, already half asleep.
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